Rehana Begum MA Econ & RR

Associate Consultant

An IIROC Registered Representative and an Associate Consultant at Lowe & Associates, Rehana started her career in the financial industry back in 2013; over the years she gained her expertise on personal and corporate credits, banking, personal taxes, and investments. She recently joined Lowe and Associates in 2022. Rehana feels privileged being able to provide holistic financial planning to the individuals and families by offering best services they deserve.

I am passionate about my job knowing that I have the privilege to offer the best services possible to individuals and families in achieving their financial goals in all stages of their life. I am so fortunate to be a part of the Lowe & Associates team at IG Private Wealth Management.

I started my career in 2010 as a Corporate/Business Credit Risk Underwriter with a commercial bank. Over the years, I gained expertise in personal and business credits underwriting, syndication financing, banking, investments and individual taxation.

At IG Private Wealth Management, I look forward to providing holistic financial planning to our clients to help them achieve their financial goals. I am honored to work for our clients. My financial management style is to safekeep clients’ capital and grow them to meet their current and future financial needs.